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    Roland Klahm

    Hi Joshua, I wanted to try out Taskworld by importing my json file from Trello, but I keep getting an error. The error is "Failed to import data. Possibly file corrupted". I have tried exporting the file from Trello a few times with different browsers as well as copying and pasting the json text from the browser into a text editor and then saving it from there. Each time when attempting to then import the json file into Taskworld I get the error. Are you able to help me out here? Thanks very much Joshua. Regards, Roland.

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    Joshua C.

    We are really sorry for the inconvenience. I believe one of my colleagues (Mark) already gave you an update regarding this. Rest assured that we are already looking into the Trello import feature and we will definitely keep you posted once we've addressed the issue. 

    For urgent cases, please contact us at or using our in-app contact us form. We will be more than happy to assist you. 



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    Roland Klahm

    Thanks very much Josh, yes Mark has contacted me via email. He has the team looking into the error and it's cause, so I will wait to hear back from him. Best Regards Roland

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    Clint Bush

    Is there a solution to this yet? I've tried a few times to upload a Trello board but keeping getting the previously mentioned error. This is a huge obstacle as all my work in on Trello.

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